Amulets for Cancer

Talismans and amulets are one of the elements that we all like to have with us and we should try to have. These peces are not standard or specific objects, so we can  make an amulet of something that someone special has given us. In this case, however, we will see what the amulets for Cancer natives are, which are effective because they are assigned by their ruling star, the Moon


Why we should have amulets?

Amulets are elements that protect us; they help us in the most difficult moments in life and they give us health and luck, something that we all like to have in life. An amulet can be made of stones or metals which are favorable according to the sign of the zodiac that belongs to us, from plant materials also according to the sign, or they can be objects that someone special for us has given us in life. These amulets must be enabled to have energy, something that we will discuss in future posts. In today’s post, we will focus on the amulets for Cancer.

Amulets for Cancer natives

Amulets for Cancer natives are determined by the Moon, which is the regent star of the sign. All the zodiacal signs have a star or a planet that governs them and these are the ones that give us amulets that are favorable.

In the case of Cancer, their favorable stones that they should always have with them are the amethyst, rock crystal, turquoise, topaz, ruby, sardonic, clear aquamarine and selenite. As we can see, they are quite easy to find and we can carry them in a small bag or hung them as pieces of jewelry.

Metals that are favorable for Cancer natives are silver, gold and tin. While the latter may be more difficult to find, the truth is that silver and gold are ideal to combine in jewelry or pendants with some of the stones that we have highlighted before.

Finally, if the Cancer natives want to use vegetables amulets to carry with them or to have at home and get the protection they want for it, the ones that should be used are the leaves of the walnut, mauve, iris, lily, rose, clover and basil .

So, we hope that all Cancer natives will make good use of this information and that they will be able to find all the right materials to make their amulets. Life, with luck and protection, is much better. And, we will see from the first moment that we take one of our charms with the elements that are favorable

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