Discovering Cancer

If you want to know how people that you have close are and you want to be able to know them well, the first thing you need to do is to know the different signs of the Zodiac, as with this information, you will be able to identify their natives and you will enjoy a huge amount of information to be better with them all. For this, we are going to see the basic information of the Cancer sign, its symbolism and the personality of their natives.

Basic information of the sign of Cancer

To start talking about the basic information of the sign of Cancer, the first thing we need to know is the period in which this sign reigns. In this way, knowing this period, we will be able to know if people are born under the influence of Cancer or under the influence of another sign. So, the period in which we find the natives of Cancer is from 22nd June to 22nd July.

After knowing the period of the sign, what we need to know is the symbolism of the signs, as this information starts talking to us about their natives and some features that we will find in their personality. In the case of Cancer, we need to know that it symbolizes de ups and downs in emotions, the maternity and motherhood, the kitchen and home, the maternal love and giving birth, the rivers, the feelings and the imagination.

Once we have seen it, we also need to know the natural element that influences each of the signs. In the case of Cancer, the natural element that influences it is Water and the season of the year in which its natives feel a lot better is during the summer time.

To end with all what is related to the sign and start talking about the personality of its natives, we need to see the lucky elements for the sign. And, to start with it, we need to know that the Moon influences Cancer and that it offers the natives of Cancer pearls and silver as the elements to be used in their amulets. We also need to know that the lucky day of the week for Cancer is Monday and that its lucky colors are white, purple and grey.

And, now, it is time to move to the personality of its natives.

Basic features in the personality of the Cancer natives

To start with it, we need to know that these people are generally very introverted and that they have problems when it comes to talk about their feelings with the others. However, they are very nice and humble people that love to chat with the others and help whenever they can.

However, we also have to know that they can get irritated easily in some situations and that they can be a bit mean and lazy.

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