General Behavior of Cancer

For those who want to understand better people born under the influence of Cancer, it is necessary for them to know a bit more of their behavior. If you are one of these people, the first thing you need to do is to know that Cancer is present from 22nd June to 22nd July.


Behavior of Cancer

-          To start understanding the behavior of Cancer, it is essential to know from the beginning that this sign is reined by the Moon and influenced by the element of Water. This makes the sign very emotional, but also very romantic, protective and full of fantasy.

Besides these features, there are some others that compound the character of Cancer and that guide their behaviors:

-          The Moon is the big influence in the mood of Cancer and this makes the sign be very moody. This means that they can be very happy one moment and of the saddest the other.

-          Another aspect that needs to be highlight of Cancer is their communicative behavior, mainly what concerns to emotions. They love to show what they feel.

-          At the same time, we need to mention the romantic character of the sign and their love for stability in the relations. People that are reined by this sign are usually very familiar and their relations are very stable.

-          In the case of women reigned by Cancer, we can say that they stand out for being very maternal and, in the case of men, they are very protective.

-          Finally, we need to talk about the cordiality that characterizes this sign as well as their particular behaviors, which make them completely different from the others.

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