November Horoscope For Cancer

In this post, we will see how this month of November will be for people born under the sign of Cancer.


This will be a month in which you will see a better capacity to express all what you wish and to convince the others about your ideas. This will be a month of opportunities.

WORK: Mart and Pluton will move their energies in the area of the mates and relations, and this can offer you some problems and arguments at work. You can expect professional rivalries that can generate problems but that they can also offer you a lot of knowledge and generate the necessary stimuli to face and overcome in different areas.

In the same way, the presence of Jupiter in the area of your horoscope dealing money makes of this cycle a more productive one if you are open to new opportunities.

LOVE: if you are in a relationship, this is a month very stable and quiet. For those single, the transit of the Sun in Scorpio, sign that reins the area of the horoscope which is in charge of romance and passions for Cancer, will make it possible to meet a new and important love.

No matter if it is in a future relationship or in the one you have now, this month will revitalize and give energy to the bases of this romance, granting stability and duration.

Even that Cancer can be a passive sign, enemy of arguments, it is also close a lot of time and when it experiments difficulties, it tends to be paralyzed. During this month, they will have to avoid the excessive jealous or possession that can visit them suddenly.

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